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Western Digital MyBook Has No Drive Letter

Operating Systems - Microsoft / Windows

I recently purchased a Western Digital USB external hard drive to use as a backup. However when I set it up, there was no drive letter. This solution is based on a previous article I wrote, so here is how to assign a drive letter to a MyBook USB hard drive.

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Microsoft Outlook Won't start

Operating Systems - Microsoft / Windows

Microsoft Outlook won't startI was asked to look into a friend's computer whose Outlook 2003 wouldn't start. Often times this can be any of several issues. Here is a list of things to try to get Outlook working again.

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How To Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Misc - Facebook

How to unfriend someone on FacebookRecently a friend asked me how to unfriend someone on facebook. With the new interface on Facebook, its not always obvious how to unfriend someone.

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Make Free Phone Calls With Google Voice

Misc - Cell Phones

make free phone calls google voiceUsing Google Voice to call other phones is a great way to keep from using up your minutes on your cell phone plan. You can make free phone calls to any cell phone or landline in the United States.

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