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How to get a MAC to cooperate in a Samba / WINS / Windows Network

Operating Systems - MAC - OSX

I started having a problem with randomly losing browsing capabilities. Eventually I figured out that it was due to my son's new MAC computer, which was recently attached to my network. Through much research, I discovered two things.

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How to Make a CD or DVD automatically play when inserted into a drive.

Operating Systems - Microsoft / Windows

A while back I wanted to burn a CD with some pictures on it, but I wanted it to automatically run a slideshow program when it was loaded into the DC rom drive.

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How to hide a PC from Network Neighborhood

Operating Systems - Microsoft / Windows

Sometimes I would like to have a Windows based PC on the network, but I would like to hide it from the Network Neighborhood browse list. In order to hide your PC, just do the following:

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IPcop Add-on's

Networking - IPcop

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