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Easy Way to Install Equipment in a Rack

Networking - Misc.

How to easily install equipment into a 19 inch equipment rackI needed to install a transmitter into a 19" equipment rack. Since it was heavy, and having installed heavy equipment into a rack I needed an easy way to do that. This is what I came up with.

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Why Am I Getting Spam From Myself

Networking - Microsoft Windows

Why am I getting Spam from myselfPreviously, I wrote an article on how to prevent spam, which led someone to ask "Why am I getting spam from myself?" Good question, with several possible answers.

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Bond Ground Rods with Exothermic Welding

Ham Radio - Antennas

At work, I recently put in a ground system for our new translator, which requires a good ground system. A critical part of that is properly bonding the copper ground wires to the ground rod. The best way to do that is exothermic welding.

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Ubuntu Equivalent of IPconfig

Operating Systems - Ubuntu Linux

Since I am using Ubuntu more, and windows less, I still need to know how to view and restart network settings in Ubuntu, as well as to be able to easily view the network settings in Ubuntu, along the lines of the windows ipconfig /all command.

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