Enter Latitude Longitude into Google MapsRecently at work, I needed to find a location in Google Maps using latitude and longitude. In order to do this, the latitude and longitude can be in either Degrees, Minutes, seconds, or in decimal form.  So

by way of example, here is how to enter Latitude and longitude into Google Maps

Using the following GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 40 Deg. 43 min. 21 sec.
Longitude: -82 Deg. 31 Min. 52 Sec.

All you do is enter the following into Google Maps search field:  40 43' 21" -82 31' 52" and this gps coordinate will show up in Google maps.Additionally, if your latitude and longitude numbers are in decimal format, like say,40.7225 -82.5331 there is no need to convert over to the degree minutes, seconds, notation. Google maps will give you your coordinates.

-- Mike

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