How to get IPcop's VPN to work with Vista and Windows 7In a previous article, I showed how to set up IPcop's VPN using Zerina for computers running windows XP. However since Microsoft released Vista, and later Windows 7, setting up a VPN on them would not work.

 To fix this issue, simply edit the VPN config file, which is usually contained in C:\Program Files\OpenVpn\config and add the following lines:

#Force the use of route.exe
route-method exe
route-delay 2

This will force OpenVPN to add the route using the route.exe command

Next, create a batch file to start the Open VPN client with the specified config file. Here is an example of the contents of the batch file.

“C:\program files\OpenVPN\bin\openVPN.exe” “C:\program files\openvpn\config\CONFIGFILE.ovpn”

A good place to place this batch file would be on the desktop.

In order to connect to your server via VPN, simply RIGHT click on the batch file, and select RUN as Administrator.

-- Mike

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