Since I am using Ubuntu more, and windows less, I still need to know how to view and restart network settings in Ubuntu, as well as to be able to easily view the network settings in Ubuntu, along the lines of the windows ipconfig /all command.

The problem is that there is not one command in Ubuntu as all encompassing as the windows IPconfig command.  So here is a list of various ubuntu commands that are equivalent to the various options of IPconfig.

To view basic network settings:

Windows: ipconfig Ubuntu: ifconfig

 To renew your network settings:

  Windows:ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

 Ubuntu: sudo dhclient

 To view your gateway:

  Windows:ipconfig /all

 Ubuntu: sudo route
    look for "default"

 To view your DNS settings:


Windows:ipconfig /all

 Ubuntu: cat /etc/resolv.conf


For other ubuntu linux commands, here is another article I wrote that has a few of the more common ones.

Hope this helps! -- Mike